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Create your Own Free Online Store. Post the Link in your Youtube Videos. Start Earning

Start Earning

Drive your YouTube traffic to your online Store

Don’t be too happy with what Youtube pays you for views. Secure a regular Income with Bigly. In just two Click, Create Bigly Quick Store,get access to thousands of Products , add your Profit Margin and Share your Bigly Store link in your Youtube Videos.

Features & Benefits

Store creation in two clicks

Free access to thousands of products for re-selling/selling

Share store link in our YouTube videos.

Free of cost store creation.

Add Rs 50-500 profit margin with each product sale

Earn Upto Rs.50-500 Profit Margin On every Product Sell

How it Works?

Start earning from your viewers


Do I need to pay for opening my store?

No, Bigly is a free of cost store/mobile app for you.

What is the difference between Earning from Bigly Store and Earning from Bigly App?

Bigly Store allows you to Create your own Free Online Store. You can Share your Store link in your Youtube Videos. Customers can Click on the link to buy Products and order there itself Whereas Bigly App is reselling app that allows you to Open your account to choose Products for reselling.You can Share products on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or any other Social Media. You make the order in Bigly App & order is delivered to your Customer.

How much time will it take to set this up?

It can be set up in two clicks which takes five minutes. But you can spend as much time as you want to personalize your store, choose your product categories and add your profit margin.

How much can I earn with this?

There is no limit for Earning, it all depends on your followers or views on your Youtube Channels.

Can I share store link on my other social media channels?

Yes, you can share our store link on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or any other channel.

Do I need to get the products delivered to customers?

No, when your customer makes a purchase and adds his/her address, we deliver to that address.

How many cities are you delivering in?

Ans. We deliver to 20,000 pincodes across India.

Channelize your YouTube channel for profit. Drive your traffic to your store and earn money.

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